What should I wear for a family session?

  • When attending a photography session, especially a family session, try not to all wear the same colored shirts.  Have one person wear a patterned shirt and then everyone else can wear a colored shirt that compliments the colors in that pattern.

  • Dressy type shoes look much better in photographs than tennis shoes.

I wear glasses.  Will that affect my pictures?

If you’re concerned about the glare on your lenses, consider borrowing a pair of lens-free frames.  You can try getting them from your optician or just by wearing contacts. If you wear Transitions® lenses, the lenses will turn dark if we are shooting outside and unfortunately your eyes won’t be visible in the photographs. So I urge you to borrow a pair of lens-free frames, wear contacts. or just remove your glasses for the session. 

Baby and small children prep ideas

  • As your baby grows, it's important to make sure that their eating and napping routines stay the same so that we can work around them.
  • They need to be rested and full for those smiles to shine.
  • At the ages of 3-24 months, one to two outfit changes are about all they are going to tolerate.
  • Props definitely help.  A lovey, favorite toy, etc, can help your baby feel a little more comfortable.
  • Have snacks, drinks, and extra diapers available for your child if needed.
  • For children, talk to them ahead of time about what to expect, where they are going, etc.  Keep the conversation exciting and upbeat.

How do I prepare for a maternity photo shoot?
When should I schedule my appointment?
If possible, try to schedule your photo shoot for between weeks 31 and 36. At this stage of pregnancy your belly will have a beautiful shape and you won’t be too uncomfortable as in the last weeks of your pregnancy.
The best time to photograph is early in the morning from 7 to 7.30 am (depending on daylight saving) or in the afternoon starting at around 5.30. The light is softer and hopefully the air is much cooler outside (which is a definite plus in the south!).
What should i wear?
Here some tips that work well during a photo shoot:
About two hours before your photo shoot, remove any clothing or accessories with elastic that leave marks on the body. Socks, etc. I recommend wearing solid colored shirts or dresses to focus the attention on your tummy’s shape and your glowing expression.   Large patterns distract.  Avoid floral prints, and swirls. We still want your personality to shine through – so feel free to bring along a colorful scarf or sweater if it's cooler weather or even some funky jewelery.  But please bring it along rather than wearing it so it won’t leave marks that will show up in other shots.
If you do choose to show your bare belly (which I highly encourage, although respect your wishes if you do not), consider wearing a top and skirt or pants that won’t leave marks on your tummy. Silk or cotton fabrics work really nicely as they drape beautifully around a pregnant body.  Make sure your family (partner and kids) match your clothing. (think about natural colors). Please consider your undergarments with your clothing choices so there are no lines showing through your clothing.
Avoid lotion on the belly the day of the photo shoot. During the photo session the light might bounce off the surface of your belly.

Bring props and make up It's okay to bring some props. This way you can incorporate into the images more of who you are and who your baby will be. Some great ideas include baby booties or shoes, animals or objects based on your nursery theme, stuffed animals from your own childhood, anything with the baby's name on it, sonogram pictures, and whatever else that means a lot to you and your growing family. Bring your lipstick and powder to touch up! Also handy to bring is a little towel in case of sweating.

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