Frequently Asked Questions

*Are you local?

 I am local to Douglasville.

*How far are you willing to travel to photograph a session?

 I am willing to travel up to two hours, although after an hour I must assess gas fees.

*How long have you been photographing?

I got my first professional type camera in 1998, which was a Pentax film camera.  A lot of my photography experience come from different countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Australia.

*How do I pay for my down payment and my package?

I have provided a link for you on the investment page where you will be taken to ShootProof and can pay for your session deposit as well as your session itself.  Please make sure you have cleared it with me first so that we have a date planned for your session.  Down payments will be deducted from your package price.

*What is your favorite thing to photograph?

One of my favorite things to photograph are children.  I love their innocence, their smiles, the way their eyes light up.  But I also enjoy photographing other areas such as families.  I'd love to photograph some newborns!

*What type of equipment do you use?

I have a Canon EOS 6D digital SLR camera that I absolutely love.  It's a full frame camera so it's got some extra perks that make it so nice!  I also have different lenses for different situations.

*Do you have a studio?

I don't have a studio at the moment.  But it is in the works for the future.  For now I enjoy outside natural light.  I can take portraits in your home especially if there is a newborn involved since they need to be warm and toasty and not in a brightly lit/chilly environment.

*What kind of a photographer are you?

I am a lifestyle photographer as well as a posed photographer.  So I'm a little of both.  I want to make my clients happy so I will work with you as to what kind of photographs you are looking for.

*When are the best times for sessions?

The best times for photos are 1 to 2 hours before sunset. Weekends and weeknights tend to work best for me. 

*What happens if there is bad weather during one of my sessions?

If there is rain or inclement weather that prohibits a session, it will be rescheduled at a later time when the weather is cooperating. 

*What happens if I cancel a session?

Because I book sessions in advance and set time for each client, it's really important that my clients try to be at the session when scheduled.  If there is an emergency that prohibits a session, then I will work with you to reschedule on a different date.  I require 24 hours notice.  Session down payment fees are non-refundable.

*When can I expect to get my portraits back?

It will take up to two weeks. I will post a sneak peek photo on Facebook within 1 to 2 days after the session takes place.

*How much creative input can the client have for their sessions?

I work with your ideas to make sure you are happy with your session.

*Do you retouch your photos?

I will do minor retouches to cover blemishes or scars. However, I will try to make the portraits look as natural as possible.

*What editing tools do you use?

I use Adobe CS6, Adobe Elements 11, and Portrait Professional.

*What if my child is having a rough time cooperating during a session?

I want to see happy faces in my photos.  So, we will first try to take a break to see if that helps.  If your child just isn't feeling the love, then we will try to reschedule.

*Where do you photograph your sessions?

A lot of it depends on the clients and what they are looking for.  If the clients want more background in their shots, then I suggest places like parks or open fields where there are pleasant backgrounds.  I can make suggestions as to the locale. However, I would like to work with the client and where you would like to be photographed.

*What should I bring to my session?

If you have a child that will be photographed, make sure that he/she has napped, is well-rested, has been fed, and has a favorite toy.  I would also suggest a favorite blanket to sit on.

*You took a lot of photographs during my session.  Will I get all of them?

You'll hear my camera clicking quite a bit.  However, I only choose those photos that I'm the most happiest with.  I do not release original photographs.

*Where do you publish your pictures?

With your permission, I will publish photos on Facebook, on my website, and possibly in future brochures of "I See You Photography."

*Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes!  I do have contracts since this is a business transaction.

If I have not answered one of your questions that you may have, please don't hesitate to call me at (706) 474-2384 or e-mail me at